Khula Sach


✍️  faruque abdullah

My soul, so loving and so bright,
In beauty and in grace do shine;
A gentle flame, a guiding light,
That shines with strength and peace divine.

It rises like a winter’s morn,
And spreads its rays in every place;
And, like a river, calmly borne,
It flows with grace and cool embrace.

It guides my steps, it lights my way,
And brings a joy that ne’er will fade;
And though the world may dark and grey,
My soul is still a steadfast shade.

And let the world, with envy blind,
In malice seek to marge its grace;
My soul, so loving and so kind,
Shall still its shining beauty trace.

So let the winds of time and space,
And the rough waves of life’s dark sea,
Beat round my soul, in every place,
Its love and light shall still be free.

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